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Beer News is Good News

03-01-16  |  Matt Kamer

Bottoms up! BCH recently helped one of Louisville’s oldest and most iconic beer brands launch its largest product-line expansion ever. Falls City Beer is extending its lineup from two bottled beer varieties to seven over the course of the coming year.

Along with the new line of beers, Falls City debuted its new bottle design and packaging that BCH developed.

The first two of the new bottled varieties, Kentucky Common and Easy Goer Session IPA will join Falls City’s existing offerings, Falls City Pale Ale and Hipster Repellant IPA, on store shelves beginning this week.

Brewed with corn, barley and rye, Kentucky Common shares similar ingredients to a bourbon distiller’s mashbill. The Kentucky Common beer style exploded in popularity in the early 1900s in Louisville, at the same time the city’s bourbon industry was booming. In fact, it’s estimated that a staggering 75 percent of beers consumed in Louisville were Common-style brews prior to its disappearance during Prohibition.

Easy Goer Session IPA, featuring Palisades and Citra hops, will kick off Falls City’s new series of bottled seasonal varieties. Easy Goer will be available through mid-August, and three other seasonal offerings will follow, this fall and next winter.

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