The 5G Revolution is Upon Us

At the moment 5G is not just the talk of the tech world, but it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue; from the New York Times, CNN and Forbes. This chatter is for good reason too, 5G will improve our lives beyond just the latest selfie filter or viral video.


What is 5G?

Before diving into the benefits of 5G, let’s do a quick recap of what exactly 5G is. 5G is the “fifth generation” of wireless technology. Previous generations have been defined by their data transmission speeds and each has also been marked by a break in encoding methods that make it incompatible with the previous generation. 5G will offer three advantages: greater speeds, optimized to process a very high volume of data messages with minimal delay (lower latency), and the ability to support more connected devices at once.

5G is still in its infancy, though. Currently there are an estimated 3.7 million 5G smartphone connections worldwide, that figure is supposed to increase nearly 40,000% in the next five years to 1.5 billion 5G smartphone connections in 2024.

Verizon and AT&T both launched preliminary 5G services in late 2018, but neither is broadly available. Verizon offers a “5G” home service in small parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, delivering fiber-like home internet speeds over wireless. AT&T is running user trials with mobile hotspots in 12 cities, but it looks like it will be a few months more customers can buy and use either of the carriers’ 5G networks.


When can I expect 5G?

The true rollout of 5G will occur over the next decade, and like 3G, 4G and LTE, we’ll have to wait a year or two for noticeable changes outside of small scale tests. Consumer access to 5G will be dictated by a number of factors including cellular carrier, the particular make and model of your mobile device and your location.

Samsung, LG, Huawei and ZTE are all expected to release 5G devices in 2019. If you are an iPhone user however, you will have to wait a bit longer. Apple will wait until at least 2020 to release a 5G iPhone. This is nothing new for Apple, who has adopted new cellular technology slower in the past as well. Lagging behind competitors in their roll out of devices with 3G, 4G and LTE connectivity.

What does 5G mean for Advertisers?

The most immediate impact 5G will have for advertisers will be on mobile placements, but the effects of 5G will be felt across all devices.


Faster Load Times on Mobile and Ability to Reach More Devices

Because 5G can exchange more data at higher speeds than previous technologies, marketers will see faster load times on mobile and and even desktop device as 5G hotspots begin providing home internet services. Additionally, 5G will offer advertisers more platforms since it will support more connected devices from in-store sensors to self driving cars.


Higher Quality Creative

With 5G, media platforms will be able to process more data, allowing for the use of higher-resolution ads, (e.g. hi-res graphics to 4K video) and further advertisers’ capability to deploy personalized messaging, based on more data points, almost instantly. It will lift many of the existing limitations on digital creative executions.


Better Onsite Load Speeds & Tracking

5G will improve consumers onsite experiences as well, offering faster load speeds of landing pages and other assets with more content. Loading videos or large images will become quicker and easier. Data will be transferred between systems faster and media tags and analytics systems will experience little to no lags. All resulting in greater opportunities not just for digital ads but the properties that these ads drive traffic to as well.


New Technologies for Advertisers to Explore

5G will offer a proliferation of more bleeding edge technologies. Technologies like VR, AR, AI, Internet of Things (IOT), driverless vehicles and others will likely become more widely available to consumers and thus become new platforms for advertisers.


5G offers a lot of exciting opportunities in the near future and not just for consumers but advertisers as well. The growth and adoption of the technology will be closely monitored by experts in many industries. Want to learn more about 5G and the opportunities it will create? Contact BCH today for a conversation.