Intern’al feelings

I remember taking the elevator up to the top floor at the corner of 3rd Street and Muhammad Ali. Feelings that I rarely felt, began to surface. I could feel my lively personality retreat as I stepped off the elevator. Would they like me? Will I exceed, let alone meet their expectations? I was to put my skills that I had attained from a few college courses to test in the realest way possible; an internship with Bandy Carroll Hellige.  Little did I know that my internship would be one of the best learning experiences I have ever endured in my life.

From the very first day with BCH, everyone welcomed me with open arms and I steadily became an integral part of the public relations team. As I started to become accustomed with the fast-paced writing style and different client work, I started to receive more and more challenging tasks. I no longer was restricted to just stamping coupons, managing excel sheets or delivering items to news stations. Instead, I was asked to draft press releases, media advisories, pitches, assist with weekly social media posts, track both physical and digital media clips, sit in on client brainstorm sessions, engage with the media through follow-up calls and emails, and manage several media kits and packages that had to be delivered.

That style of work is actually what drew me into applying for this internship position; the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in a fast-paced environment for multiple clients. The work here is unlimited and is constantly challenging you to better yourself as a professional. You have to be adaptable. No one week was ever the same for me.

But the work—as beneficial as it was—was only a small part of what made this experience so unique. Everyone I met and those I was mentored by within the company helped me grow both as a professional and as a person. When I didn’t catch onto something right away, on several occasions, someone would take the time to thoroughly explain a project to me, or provide me with previous materials that would assist me in my tasks. I never felt like I was alone. I was never afraid to go into an office or call someone for help. The team made me at ease. I could look at these individuals and feel inspired, because not long ago, some of these people who balance work so effortlessly, were once in my shoes.

There are many reasons to consider applying for this internship. Perhaps you want to ease your way into this industry, or you are a fan of one of our all-star clients. But—to me—nothing would ever top the memories I made here and the lessons I learned from some of Louisville’s best PR individuals. I never realized all that people do behind the scenes in this industry and, when a project finally comes together, the sense of accomplishment is incredible.

As my time here at BCH continues, I would just like to say:

Whenever someone asks me where I am working or what I am doing with my life, I never get tired of saying, “I work for Bandy Carroll Hellige, arguably the best PR agency in the game.”

Sophie Ford

University of Louisville

Class of 2016