Boosting Louisville’s arts scene

BCH tapped for branding and marketing strategy for two major arts players

Louisville continually ranks among the top cities in the country as a desirable place to live, and BCH is fortunate to be able to work with a number of the city’s core institutions to help build this reputation. It’s the food, it’s the bourbon, it’s the parks, it’s our events and it’s the arts too.

We are so pleased to now be working with two key players in our thriving arts community and positioning them among the top attributes that help create a first class city.

With new leadership and a fresh approach, the Louisville Orchestra called on BCH to conduct (see what we did there?) an extensive brand review and analysis. The new branding efforts will be translated into a full marketing campaign that will help to position the exciting changes at the Louisville Orchestra, introduce Teddy Abrams the new music director, and take the music of the LO out to the community in bold new ways.

Also under new leadership, the Fund for the Arts, headed by Christen Boone, asked BCH to develop a strategic communications and marketing plan to build the organization’s fundraising efforts while also elevating the overall arts brand in Louisville.

We’re proud of all of our work supporting the institutions and people who make Louisville one-of-a-kind. You could say we have a knack for distilling the best parts of our city — and the arts are no exception.