Bridges Coalition

The Story

BCH worked with the nonprofit advocacy group, The Bridges Coalition, on a community education campaign to gain support for the quick and cost-effective completion of the Ohio River Bridges Project – the $2.3 billion public infrastructure initiative to build two new bridges connecting Indiana and Kentucky, and reconfigure Spaghetti Junction.

This was an incredibly complex project that involved numerous environmental and regulatory approvals, as well as the approval of a bi-state funding mechanism involving tolling drivers – which inevitably garnered public opposition.

Communication tactics include:
Messaging Strategy Development
Media relations
Social media
Community stakeholder meetings
Video production
Advocacy advertising
Key influencer relations
Public affairs

Through grassroots and grasstops efforts, BCH worked with the Coalition to tell the story of the tremendous benefits of the project (traffic flow improvement, time savings, emission reductions, economic development and job creation) in order to garner public understanding and acceptance the project and to create the political will to move the project forward. Today, after three years of construction, the Ohio River Bridges Project is now complete.

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