Kentucky Lottery launches logo as part of 30th anniversary 

With its 30th anniversary occurring in 2019, the Kentucky Lottery turned to BCH to develop a new logo celebrate its Bluegrass roots.

“The lottery is a different organization than we were ten years ago when the last logo was rolled out, and I felt it was time for a redo,” said Lottery President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. He said players and the public should see a gradual rollout of the logo over the course of the next year.

BCH developed the new logo to specifically designed to connect the Kentucky Lottery and Kentucky itself.

“We want consumers to think about the fun of the games and feel good about the lottery’s dedication to the state,” said Gary Sloboda, BCH partner and executive creative director.

“This new logo effectively reinforces that Kentucky is the focus of the lottery’s mission. The horse represents pride in Kentucky history, and the depiction of ‘fast motion’ captures the lottery’s commitment to innovation and forward thinking. We played around with a variation of designs and colors, but nothing spoke to us quite like the thoroughbred,” Sloboda said.

Modern lottery sales began in Kentucky on April 4, 1989. Delacenserie said a number of events are planned around the date in 2019, including the launch of what he called “a ticket unlike anything ever offered in Kentucky” closer to the anniversary date.